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Booking a consultation with Dr Lester is the first step towards receiving personalised cancer care.

How to book an appointment with Dr Lester

Dr Lester and his team are committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout your journey.

Dr Lester holds clinics for private patients in London, Bristol, and South Wales. He also offers remote video or telephone appointments.

Booking an appointment with Dr Lester:

Dr Lester will require clinical information detailing your diagnosis, typically in the form of a clinical letter from your consultant or General Practitioner. This information will be reviewed by Dr Lester and his team, who will evaluate your case and provide personalised recommendations.

London, Proton International appointments:

Telephone the clinic directly on 0203 9255 885

Or you can use the online contact form:

Other locations:

Contact Dr Lester’s Secretary Denise Jennings:
Phone: 07570 131438

Non-clinical and Medicolegal enquiries can be made here:

Please note that the best way to contact is via email, as phone calls may not be picked up immediately.